Working to Create Caring Communities for Families in Need

Your donations help families with living expenses, travel expenses and medical bills.

Every family with a critically ill child becomes part of a supportive and caring community.

We help families with critically ill children living in Santa Barbara County by providing financial assistance,  personal support and patient advocacy.

Carlos Solodkin was born in January 2007. He was born with a major congenital heart defect, pulmonary issues, gastrointestinal issues and DiGeorge syndrome. He spent over 6 months living in Children’s Hospital fighting to stay alive. And with much hope, he was cleared for the heart surgery to save his life. Unfortunately, he died during his heart surgery at just 9 months old due to his compromised lungs.

During that period, my husband and I divided our time staying overnight at or near the hospital while the other stayed with our 2 year-old daughter at our home over an hour away. I met many families that were struggling with similar and more challenging issues. The families were single parents, divorced parents, married parents. Some had other children and for some this was their only child. All suffered the hardship of navigating the care of a critically ill child. Through our experience and many conversations then and throughout the years a common need remains, these families need help with expenses, running errands and understanding complicated healthcare diagnosis and medical bills. They need resources and advocates.

In honor and memory of Carlos, we decided it was time to use his angel wings and help as many families as we can through Hearts Aligned Inc.

-Vivian Solodkin, Founder

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